PCBA Manufacturing Capability


PCBA Manufacturing Capability

Item NamePCBA Description&Capability

We offer

1, Service: Electronic Design, PCB Design&Layout, PCB board manufacturing, Components or Parts Sourcing, PCBA(SMT+Through-hole), Functional Test, Wire Soldering, Box Building/Finished Products Assembly etc one stop PCB solutions

2, Volume: prototype, expedite prototype, small&medium amount, big amount pcb & pcba manufacturing service

3, Components Scourcing: Kitted, Partially Kitted, Turn-key

Files Needed

GeneralGerber Files+BOM File+Centroid File(other names maybe:aka Insertion, Pick-N-Place, or XY Data)
Gerber fileIncluding files: copper (track), soldermask, silkscreen, solder paste, drill, outline files

BOM File

BOM file should clearly and full description of every kind of component,need at least below items: 

Manufacturer Part Number

Manufacturer or Brand

Specific description of components parameters and specification, including such as voltage, resistance, capacitance etc

Location Number according to PCB silkscreen file


Centroid FileDescribe the location and distance of every component

Components Sourcing

Kitted Service

Kitted:Customer provide the PCBs, all the parts and all the required files. In this case, please send us all the components with BOM file and detailed packing list indicating item number, customer or manufacturer’s part number and quantity in kit.

BOM file in this case should including:


Quantity Per Part Number

Reference Designator

Manufacturer Part Number

Part Description

Partially Kitted

Partially Kitted:Customer provide the "hard-to-find" parts, the "custom" parts, the parts you have in inventory, whatever parts you have! We help procure the rest of the parts, manufacture the PCBs, whatever you don't provide,then assemble your circuit boards.

BOM file in this case should including:


Quantity Per Part Number

Reference Designator

Part Number

Part Description

Manufacturers Name

Manufacturers Part Number

Full Turn-keyFull Turn-key:We manfuacture pcb for you and buy all components and parts for customer.
Assembly TypesWe offer Surface Mount (SMT), Through Hole (THT) and Mixed Technology (SMT/Thru-hole), Single or Double-sided Placement, Hand Soldering, Box Building/Finished Products Assembly

Component Types

Passive Down to 01005 Sizes

Ball Grid Array (BGA)

Ultra-Fine Ball Grid Array (uBGA)

Quad Flat Pack No-Lead (QFN)

Quad Flat Package (QFP)

Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC)

Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC)

Package-On-Package (PoP)

Small Chip Packages (pitch of 0.2 mm)

Minimum OrderNo MOQ
Lead TimeFrom quick 24h to a few weeks,once all files ready, we will return you quotation and lead time immediately.
Types of Solderlead-free (RoHS Compliant) assembly services

Component Size

Passive Component: we can accept components as small as 01005, 0201,0402.

BGA: We have the ability to handle BGA of 0.3mm pitch for rigid PCBs and 0.4mm for flex boards with X-ray testing. (The details can be confirmed according to the board design.) 

Fine Pitch Parts: we can assemble 0.3mm fine pitch parts.

Component PackageReels, Cut Tape, Tube,Tray, Loose Parts and Bulk.

Board Dimension

Min Board Size: 50mm x 50mm (Boards smaller than this size need to be panelized)

Max Board Size: 480mm x 510mm

Board Shape

Rectangular, Circular and any Odd Shapes. (For shapes other than rectangle, you need to panelize the boards in an array, and add break-away rails at the two longer paralleled edges of the panelized boards to ensure that the boards can be assembled by the machine.)
Board TypeRigid boards,flex,rigid-flex boards, Aluminum based board

PCBA Testing Method

SPI Inspection: measuring solderpaste thickness to find possible solder paste defects during SMT manufacturing process

First Article Inspectioin: via compare CAD coordinates,BOM list and first PCBA sample scanning photo datas, to find possible components wrong, missing, polarity reversed etc

Visual Inspection: general quality check.

X-ray Inspection: checks for BGAs, QFN etc, mianly inspect soldering quality interior of solder pad,such as: bridged solder, solder insufficient, solder ball missing, solder shift etc

AOI inspection: mainly inspect the external solder joints and components and compare them with the qualified parameters in the database. After image processing, check out the defects on the PCB (such as missing/wrong/bad components, components shift/sideward standing/tombstone/polarity reversed, reverse/bridged/excess/incomplete solder, solder missing/insufficient, IC pins floating/bent etc),and through the display or automatic signs to display/mark out the defects, for maintenance personnel to repair

ICT (In-Circuit Test):ICT test is mainly used to test the welding condition of components, open-short of circuit, voltage and current value, fluctuation curve, amplitude and noise.

FCT test:FCT test needs IC program burning, then connect PCBA board with load, simulate user input and output, detect the function of PCBA board, find the problems in hardware and software, realize the hardware and software connection, ensure the front-end manufacture and welding normal.

Functional test:Following customers' test procedures.


Quantity of components Needed

For Sample orders: 

0402,0603 chip components + 50pcs;

0805 and above size components +20pcs;

Diodes, Triode, Crystal oscillator etc SMD components + 2pcs;

IC + 0pcs

For Volume orders:

Chip components + 3‰

IC and other expensive components + 0pcs

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