1. How does a printed circuit board assembly (PCB assembly) work?

The primary function of a PCB assembly is to integrate the electronic components of a device into a compact or defined space. Acting as the central hub of the electronic circuit of a device, the PCB provides insulation for all other electrical components, allowing them to be safely connected to a power source.

2. Does JH Technology manufacture PCBs for through-hole or surface-mount (SMT) designs?

JH PCBA can design and create both SMT and through-hole components for assembly. Design considerations:

Through-hole components are typically larger, and can only be soldered to one side of the PCB.

SMT components are smaller in size and ideal for tiny PCBs where space is limited. Let our experienced team help you optimize the device of your next design.


3. Can JH Technology source my components and parts for SMT projects?

Yes. We can provide full turnkey PCBA production services, as well as only sourcing a portion of your materials, whichever works best for your current needs and supplier agreements.


4. How many SMT lines does JH Technology run?

With an entire building dedicated to SMT fabrication, we have four pick and place lines and three ovens to support those lines. We also have the ability to expand or increase capacity with additional shifts to meet your needs.

5. What industry certifications does JH Technology have for PCBA manufacturing?

We adhere to the highest standards for quality and safety. JH Technology has the following certifications:

6. Will JH PCBA sign a non-disclosure agreement for PCB manufacturing and assembly work?

Absolutely. It's in our best interest to protect the interests and intellectual property of our customers. Unlike working with some overseas suppliers, you don’t have to worry about the security of your proprietary information.


7. What information is required for a turnkey PCB assembly order?

For turnkey projects, we’ll need the following:

Bill of materials (BOM)

Component placement list (CPL)

All relevant CAD and ODB++ data (later in the process)


8. How large is your production facility?

We have 25,000 square feet in total manufacturing space and a 5,000-square-foot facility dedicated to PCBA production.


9. What is the production capacity of JH Technology?

SMT Production Capacity: 100-200 million chips/month

THT Production Capacity: 20 million chips/month

Test Capacity: Depending on customer needs and product conditions


10. Where should I send my files to get a quote or place an order for a PCBA?

Our Sales Manager can assist you with obtaining a quote or placing an order. Here's their contact information:

Rosia /Manager sales@jh-pcba.com


11. Are you UL / Underwriters Laboratory approved?

JH Technology pursues all applicable UL certifications for our products.


12. Do you offer testing and inspection services?

Yes, JH Technology offers a comprehensive list of testing and inspection services for both SMT and through-hole assemblies.

13. What are your PCB assembly standards?

JH Technology has obtained the following IPC electronics industry standards for PCB assembly:

IPC-610 – standard for PCB production

IPC-620 – practices and requirements for cables, wire, and harness assembly manufacturing

14. Can you ship to my contract manufacturer for the final build?

Yes, we can ship your assemblies for final production. We can also offer turnkey, box build, and labor-only services.


15. Do you do consignment or full turnkey PCB assembly services?

JH Technology offers full turnkey, consignment, or labor-only services to meet your needs and specifications.


16. Is there any minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement for the PCB Assembly order?

Generally, there is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement for the pcb assembly order.


17. How soon can i expet a response for my quotation request?

We will respond your quotation within 24 hours to the quotation requests.


18. How do you maintain budget for PCB Fabrication and PCB Manufacturing Service?

We use the latest and most efficient manufacturing processes which will save your time as well as cost.


19. How long have you been in the industry of PCB Manufacturing?

We have more than 20 years of combined experience in rendering high tech PCB Assembly and Manufacturing Services.


20. Can you provide PCB Assembled Solution in quick time?

Yes, we offer 24 hours quick turn PCB Assembled Solution without sacrifice quality of PCB Board.


21.Which techniques are you using for PCB Assembly and Manufacturing Services?

We provide PCB Assembly and Manufacturing Services by using different techniques like state-of-art technique, surface mount technique (SMT), and plated through hole technique (PTH).


22. Which PCB Assembly cababilties provide by you?

We provide PCB Assembly capabilities including smt and through-hole, double sided smt assembly, minor pcb repair, cable and harness assembly and more.


23. Is Fr4 The Best PCB Material For PCB Assembly?

Fr4 is one of the most popular pcb materials.


24. What type of high tech PCB Potoypling Sevices ofering by you?

We offer high tech PCB Prototyping Services including multi-layered quick-turn prototype, combined surface mount, chip-on-board (cob), and many others.


25. Is your assembly RoHS compliant?

Yes, we offer a RoHS compliant assembly.


26.Do You provide custom designing assistance for PCB Fabrication?

Yes, our highly experienced team able to provide effective solution/guidance regarding customized pcb fabrication. Get a quick quote for any type of your requirements.


27.Which type of PCB Manufacturing Services offer by you?

We offer quick turn PCB Manufacturing Services for PCB Layout, PCB Assembly, PCB Fabrication, PCB Prototype, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, PCB Box Builds, and more.


28. Which PCB Equipmnent you are using to make PCB Assembly and PCB Fabrication?

PCB Equipment including Automatic stencil printer, Mounter, reflow soldering system, bga rework station, and more are used to make PCB Assembly, PCB Fabrication & more.


29.What are your PCB Assembly standards?

We provide IPC standard PCB Assembly.


30.Which factors affect PCB Assembly cost?

There is an array of factors that directly impact the cost of PCB Assembly including technology used, single or double sided board, number of placements, coating, testing, shipping requirements, and more.

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