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 What is Automotive  PCBA?  

Automotive PCBs are the circuit boards used in automotive electronics from engine controls, antilock brake systems, and GPS, to rearview cameras and front lights. Safety and Reliability is the most important consideration for automotive PCB design and manufacturing.

Automotive PCBs have very strict quality standards and have many quality test items. And the whole processes including supply chain management, production process, quality test etc must be traceable. From the first process to the end, the entire manufacturing process of every automotive PCB board is recorded in a 

"PPAP level 3 required" report, including design documents records, material used, engineering change and communication, manufacturing process flow, operators, process control plan, quality control details, kinds of test reports etc.

The "PPAP level 3 required" report and a COC report are delivered with the automotive PCBs to the buyer. Meanwhile, JH PCBA's intelligent management system records all information for traceability.

The one-stop automotive PCB manufacturer JH PCBA, an ISO 9001, ISO14001, IATF 16949 certified company, provides one-on-one engineering support and custom manufacturing solutions tailored to your needs.

Which parts of the car require PCBs?

Applications of Automotive PCB Assemblies Provided by Us A few examples wherein our PCBs are used in automotive application include:

Powertrain Control

Engine control unit

Transmission control module

 Battery management system

 Traction inverter & converter

ADAS Systems

Camera modules

Radar PCBs

LiDAR electronics

Vision processing units

Infotainment Head-units

Navigation system

Audio amplifier

 Telematics gateway

Display graphics module

Body Control

Lighting/luminaire PCBs

Door control module

HVAC control

Central gateway ECU

Body Control


Driver information display

Telltales and warning lights

Security Modules

Immobilizer PCB

Central locking ECU

Blind spot detection


Automotive  PCBA Experience  

                   Car mounted power
                               Car radio  

                 Car reversing image panel

                     Car radio
          Vehicle data monitoring board
               Automotive power

             supply control board

           Automotive Media Control
           Automotive network board
              Automotive Lighting


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Professional Automotive PCBA Manufacturer since 2009

Automatic & Digital Management SMT Factory


        Dust-free and Anti-static workshops                                              MES system                                                         Air Shower

Automatic & Digital Management


              QR code on PCB                             Laser engraving QA code                                 Stencil Storage                                     QR code on stencil


            SMT machines with                               Component QR code                            Component Warehouse                           Component QR Code

            wrong Components                                must matching QR

             preventing system                                    code on feeders

JH PCBA Manufacturing Capability     

Assembiy Type

■Surface Mount (SMT)

■Through Hole(THT)/Hand Soldering

■Mixed Technology(SMT+THT)

■Finished Product Assembly

Type of Test


■X-ray Inspection

■AOI Automatc Optical Inspection

■Function Test

Production Equipment

■SMT Production Lines:4

■THT Production Lines:2

■YAMAHA High-speed SMT Machine:6

■GKG Solder Paste Printing Machine :4

■Jintuo Refiow Soldering Machine:2

■Nitto Wave Soldering Machine:1

■Hand Soldering Lines;2

■FunctionalTest Lines:2

■Conformal Coating Spraying Machine:1

Inspection and Testing Equipment

■ AOI:2

■X-RAY BGA Inspection Machine:1


■Smart SMT First Article Inspection Machine:1

■Electree icroecone with meaeurement functient 2

Other Equipment

■Automatic PCB Spliting Machine:6

■Washing Machine:1

■Foming Machine:2

PCB Types and Board Size

■PCB types:rnigid board,flexible board,rigid-flex board,aluminum PCB

■PCB board size:maximum 480X510mm;minimum size:50mmx50mm

■SMT Production Capacity.200-300 milion chips/month

■THT Production Capacity,20 million chips/month

■Test Capacity.Depending on customer needs and product conditions

■Lead Time.According to the quantity,from 24h to several weeks

Componnet Types and Size

■QFN,QFP,Passive Down to 01005 size

■Small Chip Package.0.3mm pitch

■Mini BGA:0.3mm pitch for rigid board

■0.4mm pitch for flex board

■nponent Height Limit.15mm

■nponent Height Limit.15mm

Component Supply Chains Management

  Make sure 100% original and new components, third-party test reports can be provided.

  Free BOM quotation, quote back in 24h

  Good at "hard-to-find" or obsolescent components searching worldwide.

  Good at components alternatives solutions to lower whole cost.

Quality Certifications

★"PPAP level 3 required" report & COC report will provided.

★The whole processes including supply chain management, production process,quality test etc are traceable.

   ISO9001: 2015, 1ATF16949: 2016, Rohs, SGS

                          Rohs                                                    Pass rate ≥99.8%                                                         Quality complaint rate ≤0.2%

         ISO9001 Quality                                         IATF16949:2016 Automotive Quality                                                  IPC610 CLASS III

       System Certification                                  Management System Standard certification                               PRODUCTION SPECIFICATION

JINHUA SMT Workshop Production Line

SMT workshop                                                                                                    Reflow Oven

Smart Warehouse                                                       High-speed SMT Machine                                              Solder Paste Printing

FAI  First article inspection                                                  X-RAY Inspection Machine                                                 SPI (Solder Paste Inspection)

JINHUA DIP Workshop Production Line

Components Dip Workshop                                                                                Packing and Shipment

DIP Components                                                       Box Building                                                                      QC Functional Test

QA Full Inspection                                                                                           Wave Soldering Machine

Basic Information
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Customers praise the recommendation

Domestic first-class industry, focus on every customer

Many customer choices

Many overseas customers trust and choose the company

Company Introduction

JH PCBA Manufacturer :

company overview

JH PCBA is a one-stop Chinese PCB and PCBA manufacturing factory with over 13 years of history.Since 2009. JH PCBA has passed We have confidence in international quality and environmental certification, such as IS09001:2015, IATF16949:2016, Rohs, SGS, and other professional certificates Provide professional turnkey PCB services to global customers.As an EMS manufacturer, our services include:

Electronic products design&engineering(ODM)

Components sourcing worldwide

PCB Manufacturing

PCB Assembly Manufacturing(SMT and DIP)

Box Build/Finished Products Assembly

No MOQ requirement, no high starting cost, professional team for OEM and ODM orders,welcome to visit out factory for new projectse! 



1. What is the maximum size pcb you can produce ?

The largest size pcb we can produce is 1250mm x 570mm.

2. Are PCBs flexible or rigid?

The answer is both. PCBs can be either flexible or rigid in design. Rigid PCBs are designed not to move, and typically cost less to manufacture than flexible PCBs. Flexible PCBs, or flex boards, are designed to move, twist and fold into the desired configuration, and can eliminate the need for connectors and other components, which can reduce overall production costs. JH PCBA can work with you to determine the ideal solution for your design — one that maximizes efficiencies.

3. How are PCBs manufactured?

PCBs are typically made of multiple layers, including RF4 material substrate (such as fiberglass) for insulation, and copper to conduct electric current.

Creating a PCB is a multi-step process that includes:

#1 Designing the PCB – advanced software is used to determine the size, dimensions and number of layers needed for the PCB.

#2 Printing the PCB design – a specialized printer called a plotter printer is used to print the design, which is made up of multiple layers for the conductive and non-conductive areas. The print becomes the foundation of the substrate, which holds the components of the structure includes copper on both sides of the layer.

#3 Printing the copper for the interior layers – the design of the PCB is printed to a laminate that includes a film designed to react with ultraviolet light to properly align the board and the layout of the electrical components.

#4 Getting rid of the extra copper – because the design has been cooked and processed with ultraviolet lights, certain areas are hardened and the copper is bonded to the board. The next step is to use a chemical solution to remove the unnecessary copper from the board.

#5 Inspection and layer alignment – once the extra copper is removed, the design must be scrutinized to ensure all the layer and drill holes align properly. A machine drills a pin through the layers to keep them aligned. Then another machine tests the board for errors.

#6 Laminating the PCB layers – once the board passes inspection, an epoxy resin layer is applied to laminate the board. Another layer of substrate is applied, then layers of substrate resin and copper foil are applied and pressed together.

#7 Drilling holes – a computer-guided drill is used to drill holes through the substrate and inner panels at the appropriate places for the design. Once drilling is completed, any copper left over is removed.

#8 PCB plating – an additional copper layer is added to the board, followed by a thin tin guard to protect the outer layer of copper from being etched off. From there, the PCB receives a solder mask, silkscreen with critical information and placed with a solderable finish.

4. How much does it cost to get a custom PCB made?

Costs will vary depending on the size of the PCB you need. One board can run anywhere from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. Our team can help you identify the best solution for your needs and estimate design and production costs.

5. What's included in the total cost of a PCB order?

Many design factors will help determine the total cost of a PCB. For example, the size, number of layers, type of board laminate used, and the total number of boards produced can greatly impact the overall cost.

6. How long does it take for PCBA quote?

Normally 24 hours to 48 hour as soon as receive internal engineer evaluate confirmation.


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